The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) is a private Catholic higher education institution, which was established by the Lebanese Maronite Order (LMO) in 1961. It is, thus, the first university which was established to be based on a Lebanese initiative and by Lebanese nationals (in this case by the LMO monks). From that moment, these monks, who had been entrusted with a teaching mission, undertook the reins of USEK.  Their remit was to provide university teaching, in conformity with the requirements of the labour market and in close association with scientific research.
Being a national institution, USEK has brought its teachings and curricula into line with the official requirements of the Lebanese state, which acknowledges the diplomas it delivers. Furthermore, when considering in its educational options, USEK puts special emphasis in deriving the best out of tradition and modernism, while remaining true to a Christian humanism, which is imprinted on the overall training it provides.

Located at the heart of the Near East, in addition to its educational mission, USEK is committed to the preservation and promotion of the Maronite cultural heritage and the creation of a community spirit, in which the spiritual, civic and ethical values of respecting the other and their beliefs prevail.

Due to the pressure to democratize higher education, the university is undertaking efforts to fight exclusion and abide by a non-elitist policy, albeit without making any concessions with regard to the quality of education. The establishment of decentralized regional centers (in Zahlé, Chekka and Rmeich) thus springs out of the wish to implement the right to higher education.

USEK has adapted well in light of soaring socioeconomic development and has created new vocational specializations, in order to diversify its training and meet the needs of the labour market. Its objectives also include the installation of welcoming and service-oriented infrastructures which rely on new information and communication technologies.  USEK is concerned with the modernization of administrative procedures and academic systems, and also with providing continuous training.

USEK is located in the heart of Mount Lebanon; it is multilingual by tradition, and mainly a French-speaking institution. Thanks to an extremely dense network of national and international relations, it plays a key role in training highly-qualified researchers and professionals.

Nowadays, USEK welcomes more than 7,000 students across its ten faculties and four institutes; i.e. fourteen academic units which offer a broad array of high-level diversified education.

USEK’s motto: “When the Spirit of truth comes he will lead you to the complete truth.” (John 16:13)

Please visit Holy Spirit University-Kaslik, Lebanon’s website (http://www.usek.edu.lb) for more information on the University.