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***Please note that all applications are private and applicant information will only be shared with Board Memebrs of HSUF indetermining distribution of funds.

  • All application materials must be submitted no later than the date on which they are due.  Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Materials 1-5 on the checklist (below) are mandatory.  Applications will not be considered complete without materials 1-5.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Letters of Recommendation are optional and will not be a factor in the panel’s decision.  Please note, however, that Letters of Recommendation do allow for the panel to get a more complete picture of an applicant.
  • All decisions on scholarship awards will be decided within two (2) weeks of the application deadline.  All applicants will receive HSUF’s decision via email.
  • HSUF reserves the right to contact applicants should more information be required.

Checklist for HSUF Scholarship Application

  • Application for HSUF Scholarship
  • USEK Transcript (current)
  • Photo
  • Application Essay I
    • Please describe in 500 words or less why you are applying for this scholarship.
  • Application Essay II
    • Please describe in 500 words or less where you see yourself in ten (10) years.
  • Letters of Recommendation (optional)
    • Letters of Recommendation are not required, but highly encouraged.  If sending letters of recommendation, please follow these guidelines:
      • Provide no more than three (3) letters of recommendation;
      • Do not provide letters of recommendation from immediate family members;
      • Please have person who writes letter of recommendation send letter directly to HSUF (students should not send letter him/herself) by one of three ways:
        • Fax (703.893.8340));
        • Email (; or
        • Mail (1813 Susquehannock Drive, McLean, VA 22101)